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Bandana / Scarf

I am in the process of printing a small collection of scarves. This piece is the first prototype I’ve printed, more will follow soon!

︎ 100% vicose
︎ Screenprinted by hand in my studio
︎ Work in Progress 

Interested in following the progress? Visit my instagram.


I am currently working on this wooden artwork featuring a runner duck. So far the wood is cut and prepared. The second step of priming and painting will soon follow.

︎ Repurposed wood
︎ Hand made in my studio
︎ Work in Progress 

Interested in following the progress? Visit my instagram.

Wooden Wall Hanger

I recently finished these two handmade wooden coffee pots. Inspired by vintage moka pot design. Comes with a hook on the back and was specifically designed for hanging on a wall. Will go beautifully in a kitchens’ coffee corner, but also great as café decor. Painted with water based paints and finished with a clear coat of varnish to ensure durability.

︎ Hook for hanging on the back
︎ Hand made in my studio
︎ For sale! €275,- per koffiepot

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Wooden Wall Collage (Mural)

“Zoek” is a 3D composition that uses colorful wooden shapes that illustrate the themes of health, connection and social contact through everyday objects.

The artwork contains references to the various studies in the Marie Kamphuisborg in Groningen, such as Social Work, Human Resource Management, Applied Psychology and more. The work also refers to the overlapping themes that you can find in the Marie Kamphuisborg. In this search picture, viewers are invited to make their own connections between the different illustrations.

︎ Collaboration with Merel Wendt
︎ Wood & waterbased paint
︎ Illustrative Collage in Hanze Univerisity Canteen

Screen printed T-shirt

This screen printed t-shirt has two hand printed designs on the front and back. The illustration on the back of the shirt shows an overwatered flower, turning away from an over enthusiastic watering can. The design on the front of the shirt carries two water-dripping flowers.

︎ Designed and printed in my studio in Groningen
︎ Comfortable & unisex
︎100% cotton and waterbased ink

Interested in purchasing one of these? Visit my shop.

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